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Smt. M. M. Patel M. S. W. College, Vijaynagar


Smt. M. M. Patel M. S. W. College, Vijaynagar
(Year of Establishment: 2017)

Smt. M. M. Patel Masters in Social Work college was established in Vijaynagar in 2017 by Rajpur Kelvani Mandal. This college offers a two years course of Masters in social work wherein the students explore multiple fields. Over four semesters, the students get an introduction to the Adivasi seminar, research work, and fieldwork. They also have to complete an internship with an NGO to get their graduation certificate.

With about 85 students in total, the last two years of the college has seen 100% in result from all. The school has both experienced teaching & supporting staff to help the students whenever possible. After the Master's course is complete, the students get various opportunities for jobs. They can get one in the Social Welfare Department, Women and Children Health Centre, Anganwadi Supervisor, and a CDPO Officer, among others. Since practical work is important here, the students would are to pick up fieldwork often. The experience that they will get from this fieldwork will only help them in future.

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