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Shree I.T.I. Rajpur


Shree I.T.I. Rajpur.
(Year of Establishment: Aug. 1999)

Shree I.T.I. Rajpur was established in the year 1999 by The Rajpur Kelvani Mandal with a vision of providing professional and vocational training to the tribal youth of the region. Now, 200 students of the Vijay Nagar Taluka get the same from the institution. The institute is affiliated with DGET, Delhi, and has also earned an affiliation from QCI in 2015. The institute has a reputation for achieving an average of 85% result every year in every course it offers. The institute, in 2015, moved on to have its own examination centre.

Shree I.T.I. Rajpur offers multiple facilities like free accommodation and mess facilities to the tribal students. It provides the students with workshops and well-trained teachers. It also has a model station to train students pursuing wireman and electrician courses enabling them to be better skilled. The institution also provides placement facilities in both government and private sectors. Shree I.T.I. Rajpur is known for its achievements, like earning an award under the grading system by DGET, Delhi.

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