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Sarvoday High School, Kodiyawada


Sarvoday High School, Kodiyawada.
(Year of Establishment: 1963)

Sarvoday High School, established by Pal Patta Adivasi Sevak Sangh in 1963, in the rural landscape of Kodiyawada. Today the legacy is maintained by Shree M.N. Patel from Kodiyawada. The school provides education to children from class 9 to class 12 and encourages the holistic development of all by providing extracurricular activities and academia.

Sarvoday High School caters to the village students by providing them with a common stream of education. The school also has a well-developed co-curricular programme that enables students to become better versions of themselves. NSS, health camps for awareness, cleanliness drives, and other campaigns boost morale and develop local students’ talents.

Since 1963, Sarvoday High School has had several changes to its infrastructure, like a well-stocked library, classrooms equipped with CCTV cameras, computers, and smart learning projectors. The teachers are specially trained and have organised activities like National Festivals Celebration, People Awareness Programmes, and several others.

Sarvoday High School has several alumni in the Indian Army and Police Service. Many have also received important designations in the government sector.

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