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About Director

Shree M.H. Patel

Director, RKM Trust


- Mahatma Gandhi

Entering the time phase of getting educated is a time when you learn, grow and build a knowledge bank and cultivate life-learning skills. Students at RKM expose themselves to a diversity of ideas, people and numerous activities; key elements which are crucial to a modern education. Our combined efforts of RKM team, teachers and our visionary leaders have helped us to transform our traditional classroom teaching to structure modern education system as per the needs of modern society and business world.

Our team strives to achieve educational excellence in our programme. It aims at bringing our students out of their comfort zone and challenge them to reach out for their best of abilities. RKM provides world-class teaching facilities and interactive learning environments to students, which helps them to groom themselves to be competitive enough to face modern business challenges.

As part of RKM education legacy, my main objective is to assist and support our students in achieving their academic, personal and career goals by forging the sense of community atmosphere that fosters learning and overall grooming of students. We work hand in hand with our students, faculty, staff and parents to provide them with a variety of teaching-learning experience during their academic journey at RKM.

We Strive to be part of you, support you and be there to nurture you in whichever area you are interested, look forward to welcoming you to be part of RKM.

If you Have Any Questions Call Us On (+91) 94274 81036