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Vijaynagar Arts College


Vijaynagar Arts College, Vijaynagar
(Year of Establishment:1989)

Managed by the well-known RKM Trust established in June in the year 1989, the Vijaynagar Arts College is situated in the remote, hilly, and tribal area of Vijaynagar. After being successfully affiliated with Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University( HNGU ), Patan, the college offers unique teaching & learning B.A. programmes. Additionally, it also has access to various co-curricular activities that help students achieve updated knowledge, moral values, community orientation, and good citizenship.

Through its varied methods of imparting education, the college prepares the students for higher education to have a successful career. It makes regular efforts for socially and economiy backward students and also works towards the social development of the community that resides in the surrounding area. The college follows its aims and objectives and also welcomes suggestions of the UGC in planning and practising its teaching and learning process.

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